Chair Caning/Re-caning

I will undertake complete chair caning or re-caning; and consider cane chair repair work by re-weaving to patch damaged areas. Please get in touch for an estimate of cost for the restoration work to be undertaken.

I prefer to see the existing chair weaving in place if possible, enabling me to assess the original weave patterns and materials. Please send photographs of the chair, showing the front and back of the woven area, to: [email protected] or arrange to show me the chair by calling 0792 641 8523. I am based in Brighton, Sussex. I ask that you deliver and collect.

Your project should be checked for woodworm. Any necessary repairs or treatment should be done before the caning.

From May 2024 I will not be removing the existing caning (this is for health reasons, as existing cane sheds a fair amount of dust). I will give tips on how this ‘clearing’ should be done before your project is delivered to me. A furniture restorer could do this for you. Please give me a piece of the original caning, with your project.

Why should you re-cane chairs?

Re-caning the seat, back or sides can restore an un-usable damaged chair to a functional item of furniture. In many cases bringing a much loved family chair or heirloom back into regular use, extending its lifetime.

Chair caning prices:

Hand woven re-caning is priced by-the-hole (count the drilled holes in the frame):

  • Up to 100 holes at £1.25 per hole (with beading £1.35).
  • Greater than 100 holes at £1.35 per hole (with beading £1.45).
  • Blind Caning (weaving not exposed on the reverse) is at the rate of £1.60 – £2 per hole.
  • Double sided and medallions, priced by quotation.

Pre-woven caning is priced at £12 per hour; plus the cost of the cane webbing (webbing guide price £40 to £50).


Re-caned for Josephine